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Please complete the form in its entirety. Registrations received with items left blank may not be accepted.

New registrations will not be processed until the start of the FY 2014 grant on March 1, 2014.

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The following information is collected at the request of the State of New Jersey for statistical purposes only, is kept confidential and is not provided to any employer. The information is reported to the State under the NJ Helmets to Hardhats program receives funding and which is intended to facilitate the effective transition of women and minorities into building trade apprenticeship programs.  The law prohibits employers from taking any adverse action against you because of the information provided or because you declined to provide this information.

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I certify that I have served honorably/ am serving honorably in the US Armed Services and if needed can show documentation of honorable service. NJ H2H is only open to those with honorable service.
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I am interested in the following trade(s): (check all that apply)BricklayersCarpentersLaborersElectriciansElevator ConstructorsInsulatorsIron WorkersOperating EngineersPainters, Glaziers, Drywall FinishersPlasterers/Cement MasonsPipe TradesHVACPlumbersSprinkler FittersSteamfittersRoofersSheet Metal WorkersTile Setters/FinishersTeamsters

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